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Thank you for standing up to the racist whining of someone who is using his newfound position for bad. It seems Malone can’t help himself speaking outside of his remit. So egotistical!

‘Selective allegiances’ – great calling out of hypocrisy within the ‘Freedom’ Movement!

I’ve always understood riots as the only outlet the most disorganised of the oppressed has, in order to get attention and a response. They are an expression of rage, but reflect powerlessness. I know they happen periodically but I can’t help thinking of these riots as a demoralised product of the defeat of the strike movement against the pension cuts, and probably even fostered to a certain extent by the security state, to divide the public after that impressive display of working class unity and hope.

“Imagine if Malone wasn’t censored. You’d have a prominent scientist, possibly with mainstream media reach, advocating for deporting people he regards as problematic.” - Malone certainly isn’t censored within the medical freedom community. He has a bigger *personal* reach than before, but how much difference does that really make? We have plenty of uncensored mainstream figures dog whistling away, and much of the populist right was doing it before Covid.

My perception of the ‘freedom movement’ is its an amorphous blob, in which its constituents repel or attract each other depending on the issue. Look at the fractures over Israel’s atrocities. The problem is its right wings are organised and left or progressive people within the movement are not (other than Real Left and a few small alternative unions). Bravo for debating this issue from a non-woke but humanist ans consistent perspective!

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Thank you. The only point I would debate here is the one regarding Malone speaking 'outside of his remit'. I would say that we should all speak outside our remit because these issues ultimately affect us all. E.g. - The powers that be want us to believe that we should accept whatever the CDC says about vaccines because we are too dumb to understand 'the science': it's outside of our remit. And obviously our attitude has to be : if you want to stick something in my body, I'm definitely entitled to form an opinion on it, and I'll shout it from the rooftops too! However, the further one moves outside one's knowledge area, the more cautious one has to be in expressing one's opinion. And as you say, Malone just assumes that because he invented mRNA tech, he can't possibly be wrong about anything. I was very interested in The Voice debate in Aus but I knew that my knowledge of Australian race politics and politics in general was not sufficient to wade in. So I asked you to write about it and then I asked questions after seeing your viewpoint. And so I'm glad I didn't just jump in Malone-style!

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Rusere comment

I agree with you, and it is pretty much what I meant, it was sloppy not to spell it out.

Nothing I’m aware of in Malone’s background indicates he has taken an interest in political analysis before. However, that certainly doesn’t stop every man and his dog discussing politics, which is totally normal behaviour in a liberal democracy. So what we have is lots of people airing their political views, which are essentially their suggestions of how to make capitalism work, i.e. their, often emotional, reactions to things that affect them, or unsettle or worry them, and they thrash around trying to resolve the fundamental conflicts that stem from class divisions (without wanting to admit or accept this reality).

Malone and the like are using their newfound platforms to spruik their policy offerings to a discrete audience, based on ideas that stem from personal prejudices based on pretty limited understandings of the dynamics of modern capitalist society, and usually reflecting the social class they belong to.

That said, I don’t believe political science ‘experts’ have much to offer either. They have no interest in replacing a society that offers them a comfortable niche. Thus they fudge the core issues but can offer more informed and practical suggestions. The issue is, we don’t expect integrity from these people, but we are understandably disappointed with the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of people like Malone.

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