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Fantastic, and perhaps even more of a 'tour de force' than your original rebuttal. I felt considerable frustration - and a significant amount of pity - on reading Cook's 'keeping out of the weeds' and attempted ar5e-covering response, so I'm very glad that you took the time to reveal it as the head-in-the-sand, half-hearted reply that it evidently was.

In fact, I commented to that effect on his piece. I did this only because I am, by and large, a great admirer of his writing and analysis - especially when it comes to matters pertaining to Palestinian oppression. So it's even *more* important, in my view, that he is made to fully engage in the arguments around Covid and the ongoing climate narrative, so that he can hopefully lift himself out of the quagmire that the rest of the supposed 'Left' have somehow found themselves floundering within.

His voice and talents are too precious to be lost to the ideologically-driven and groupthink-dominated 'consensus' that seems to have engulfed some of our supposedly greatest 'leftie' minds in relation to these most vital of issues: Chomsky, Pilger, Caitlin Johnstone - to name but three.

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